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Agriculture and Farming Courses – the professional route to India’s core industry
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Agriculture refers to the cultivation of plants, animals and any other forms of cultivation including fibers, perishable food and various other products, which are solely used for sustenance. Since the beginning of time, agriculture has been the backbone of every society. And with the further passage of time, individuals have developed and introduced various new technologies that have significantly improved the quality, quantity and even durability of agricultural products. This has subsequently necessitated the introduction of diverse courses in the field of agriculture.

The main objective with which such courses are crafted is to enable students to collect thee right knowledge regarding the different aspects of the agricultural field and also on how to effectively carry out its related activities. India stands ahead in the production of vegetable, fruits and flowers. With growing demand, agriculture has become the most desirable courses in the current years.

Current Scenario Agriculture-based education, just like other professional courses, has been integrated in to the mid-level education system in India. The courses offered by the various agricultural institutions in India range from under-graduate level up to post graduate level. However, such vocational course are generally opted by students during their graduation-level degrees of education. These courses effectively provide in-depth knowledge as well as better understanding about the field and enable one to prosper in the field of agriculture.
ScopeApart from diploma courses, one can opt for a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Technology in agricultural studies, after their 12th class. After doing a bachelor-level graduation in agricultural science, student can even opt for post-graduation degrees in this field. A Master of Science degree can then be followed by a degree of Ph. D., later on.

The following are a few of the specialized branches one can pursue in the field of agriculture. These include, Agro based;
•    Bio-Technology
•    Botany
•    Chemistry
•    Economics
•    Entomology
•    Meteorology
•    Zoology
•    Ecology
•    Farming System Management
•    Forestry

Some nationally renowned agricultural institutes include the Aligarh College of Engineering and Technology, and the A.C.N. College of Engineering and Management Studies in Uttar Pradesh, the Agricultural Engineering College and Research Institute in Coimbatore, and the College of Agricultural Engineering and Post-Harvest Technology in Sikkim.

A career in Agriculture has number of varied streams to study and specialize. One such trending course is on Animal science. These courses enlighten knowledge on growth and upbringing of domesticated farm animals. This also involves study of quality check on meat, diary, fish, chicken and other such food products.

Choice of course
B.Sc (Agriculture, Horticulture, Forestry, Sericulture, Agribusiness Management)
B.Tech (Agricultural Engineering, Agricultural Information Technology, Food Process Engineering, Bioinformatics, Energy and environment engineering)
M.Sc (Agricultural Biotechnology, Agriculture, Agricultural Microbiology, Soil Science)
M.E(Agricultural Engineering)

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