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Careers in Mass communication - calling confident communicators
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The field of communication technology has seen immense growth and has changed the parameters of media and various other forms of communication. With technological advancements in mass communication, the global community has come together and integrated itself into one big community. Because of this, a career in mass communication has found greater importance, globally. One can obtain a diploma, graduate or even master's degree in mass communication.


Mass communication today is not just restricted to journalism and extends to all other aspects of the field. It involves more than just the people with knowledge about literature and communication skills, who are generally needed in the field. But, with technology recently playing a significant part, the field of Mass Communication now requires professionals who have earned a degree in the same.

Scope and Duration

Various sections of the industry like film, advertising, event management and especially the World Wide Web have seen high growth in the past few years. So, the scope of this sector will

only broaden in the coming years, especially with literacy rates and investments on the rise. On completion of the course, students can start a full-fledged career in journalism or venture into freelancing.

The duration of Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication program ranges from a minimum of 3 years to a maximum of 6 years. These programs expose students to recent, relevant developments in general media and media research. It is now focused to strengthen the foundations for the various technologies involved in mass media such as computer applications, software and hardware in print, television, internet and even radio.

There is currently a huge demand for qualified individuals in this field. And with new avenues opening up in the field of entertainment, qualified and professional candidates are needed for the job. Many newspapers are also in stiff competition with one another to provide the best content readers, which is why the best candidates are hired. Films are equally important when it comes to getting jobs for graduates in mass communication. Further, candidates with degrees in India have a bright future in the fields of international media as they impart a good command of English.

Choice of Course

B.A Mass communication and Journalism
B.Sc Electronic media
B.Sc Mass communication
Diploma in Digital Film making
M.Sc Mass communication
M.A Media Arts
MBA Media and Entertainment
Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication
Post Graduate Certificate in Retail Communications
Post Graduate Diploma in Mass communication
Post Graduate Diploma in Development Communication
Post Graduate Diploma in Communications Management and Entrepreneurship

Some of the reputed Colleges in Tamilnadu offering Mass communication

VELS University,Chennai
MOP Vaishnav college for women, Chennai
The Indian Management Academy, Chennai
Loyola Academy college, Chennai
PSG college of Arts and Science, Coimbatore
Holy Cross College, Trichy
Chennai university, Chennai
Bharathiyar university, Coimbatore

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