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Degrees to choose with low score in 12th
Admin May 30 2015 08:36 AM

Possibilities are that a student has scored so low and poor in HSC. Although most of the best institutes offering variety of courses prefer to take students having better grades, it does not mean that the students have lost all opportunities and life would come to a standstill.

What is to be done?

One should understand that getting good marks can be termed to be a wonderful, however, not definitely the only thing present in the life of a student. There are several options available for candidates with low scores in the 12th to pursue. With some research and understanding, it becomes much easier for the candidates to avail such options, without any hassle.

Available options:

There are numerous options present of which few are mentioned below:

  • If the person enjoys dressing up nicely, to know what is current in the fashion industry and needs of people, then he/she can join fashion designing course.
  • If the person senses beauty in simple things found around, appreciates technology and have sense of colors, then photography course can be a wonderful choice to make. Similar course could be taken up for graduation via distance learning or enrolling with university program. On completion of graduation, one can apply for course in cinematography.
  • The candidate can join courses in performing arts such as music, dance or acting.
  • In case, the individual enjoys having good communication skills and pleasing personality, flight crew course can be his/her pick. Graduation can always be pursued through correspondence for bettering the qualification. The person can avail 1 year diploma program in Hospitality and Aviation Management or 2 year diploma program in Global Aviation and Hospitality Management.
  • If the individual loves to assist people and have a liking towards biology, then he/she can become a paramedic or occupational therapist.
  • The person can join computer courses such as Tally, while pursuing undergraduate degree course. It is possible to get job as data entry operator especially in the field of accounts and to work with auditors of an organization.
  •  If the person loves to write regarding various things, then joining Mass Communication Institute is sure to do a lot of good to help him/her to get into media as journalist or into corporate communications or advertising industry.

Having a look at the above and doing further research is sure to throw open further options for the candidate to choose. Hence, instead of worrying over what has happened in the past, the individual can definitely look forwards to having a wonderful future.

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