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Engineering 2015 - What’s the latest trend?
Admin May 30 2015 08:38 AM

Engineering has been a very dynamic field, which has been consistently revolutionized by some new subjects of interest. This graduation is something which innovative and smart minds love to do. In the year 2015, the engineering field has spread its wings across various sectors in-line with the changing trends and development in technology. Below are some of the fields with brief description.

Power network

Power is basically the output, which is generated from combustion or burning of various minerals like coal, wood, or by utilizing the properties of certain elements like wind and water. However, all the resources which produce power are becoming endangered due to ineffective usage. There is a need to invent new power modes or to re-design the existing ones to reduce the depletion rate. Hence, it is a very dynamic field for high aspirants. Some of the key features of this engineering field are:

·         Moving towards the future and not celebrating the ones created in the past

·         Contributing towards efficient utilization of energy resources

·         Opportunity to use innovation and creativity

·         Unending scope as power has endless demand

Cyber Security

Internet is growing rapidly facilitating a lot of benefits and convenience to the users. But, at the same time, it poses a serious threat to the users, due to smart hackers and other security related reasons. The engineering field opens up several dimensions in the cyber security field that allows computer engineers in controlling hackers and enhancing security over the internet transactions. For engineers, particularly who love computers, this is a very attractive field of choice.

·         Very good potential as computer is the future of modernization

·         Ideal for computer lovers

·         Consistent upgrade in knowledge and work type

·         In scope today and tomorrow


This is a very newly introduced field that is a dream come true for candidates. Engineers love to work with machines and it can be a treat to create machines in the field of robotics. It is a practical field, which combines theoretical and practical knowledge exceptionally well. Salient features of this field of engineering are:

·         Highly practical

·         Worldwide applicability

·         Looking towards automated future

·         Wide applications and heavy scope

·         Highest pay offered


Industrialization has brought about a need to focus on the production and manufacturing styles to reduce cost and to stabilize the quality or output. Machines are extremely important components that support this thought. Hence, the field of machinery is extremely crucial for industrialization. Salient features are:

·         Timeless potential

·         High paid jobs

·         Easier employability, due to technology orientation

·         Practicality over theories

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