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Incredible Future with Marine Engineering
Admin May 30 2015 08:41 AM

With water covering two-thirds of the planet, history depicts that for ages, waterways and mighty oceans have indeed played an important role towards accomplishing difficult and unparalleled tasks. For discovering new lands to great sea battles, man always has used power of seven oceans.

Availing opportunities

These days, waterways and oceans are being used for travelling, oil mining and for transport, besides others. Opportunities in the sea have been growing at a constant pace with each passing day. Nowadays, one can find careers at sea to become much more rewarding and challenging. Students in huge numbers have been opting to undergo marine engineering to have a better future.

Reasons for Candidates to Join Marine Engineering

  • Significant roles played by marine engineers - It is well known that maritime industry is stated to be responsible for transportation of goods and people through water. It is for this reason that marine engineers are said to play a vital role.
  • Responsibility of marine engineers - They are responsible for construction and designing ships, ports, and water front cargo facilities along with operation of ships as well as different support vessels. The engineers also are responsible for selecting ships’ machinery, which includes steam turbines, diesel engines, nuclear reactors, gas turbines, to name a few. Candidates interested in ship building, maintenance and design are likely to see plenty of opportunities ahead.
  • Well paid - As a marine engineer plays a responsible role and acts as a highly important member of the ship’s team, he is paid well and provided with excellent working condition. However, pay scales tend to vary from one organization to the other and salaries are mostly tax-free in many countries. Apart from this, they also enjoy free lodging and boarding onboard ships. Shipping organizations do offer air passages to employees to and from international airports, guest house/hotel accommodations including all expenses for leaving and joining the ship. Senior officers are permitted to take along families onboard the ships and to enjoy various other facilities.
  • Rewarding career - It is a fact that joining marine engineering does help the individual to have a wonderful rewarding career that is filled with perks, high salaries, facilities and incentives. Also, they get the opportunity to travel places all over the world which on the whole makes the career choice rewarding
  • Highly respected - Candidates having completed marine engineering are highly respected in the society and make their family proud.

It’s all these aspects that compel the individual to join career in marine engineering and to make the most from it.

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