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Is commerce still on in trend?
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Bachelor of Commerce (commonly abbreviated as B.Com, B.Comm, BComm or BCom) is considered to be an undergraduate degree in the field of commerce as well as related subjects. This degree is also called Bachelor of Commerce & Administration or in short BCA. Generally, it is offered as full time three year program that is quite popular among candidates who are eager to enter the domain of commerce and to have a wonderful career.

Why study B.Com?

This is one of the most common questions that are asked by students, especially those who are finding it difficult to choose a specific stream in the field of study for their career.

  • Having degree in Commerce, the individual would be able to develop his/her expertise and skills to play a significant role in commercial world.
  • With a commerce degree, the individual is able to get a thorough understanding of the business and economy, beyond daily management of an organization.
  • Also, the individual can understand the operations of a business, including exploring how all social, political, economic, technological and cultural decisions, which go with businesses, can negatively or positively impact the society or world at large.
  • This course focuses upon applying analytical skills for solving challenges in an economic and commercial environment, while providing core units to introduce the candidates towards key principles related to commerce.
  • Through this course, the candidate is in a position to choose major from variety of disciplines which includes accounting, management, marketing, econometrics, actuarial and sustainability studies as well as finance.

Choosing a good institute to get the degree?

This is something very much important and should not be avoided. Studying commerce from a good and reputed institute can help the person to avail plenty of choices for exploring his/her interests and to discover more. As part of the studies, the individual also is likely to have opportunities towards undertaking internships or overseas study or industry placements. It is also possible for the individual to study B.Com as part of double degree to enhance the career and future prospects.

Understanding career prospects

There are several study areas, which help the candidate to avail numerous career opportunities. Graduates can work in politics, banking, insurance and management positions. Also, they can choose work for corporations and government. As a matter of fact, the variety of career options available completely depends upon subjects selected, however, open electives are offered by many institutions with possibility of second major to help graduates to explore different career paths.

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